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Add and remove lineseries - Flex LineChart

This took me some time to figure out so I thought I would post about it. Main objective is to toggle on and off lineseries based on user input. Usually this would mean editing the dataprovider, tricky thing here is that I need the color of each line to always be the same based on data, so instead I leave the dataprovider alone and actually add and remove LineSeries to/from the LineChart. This probably isn't the best way to do this, but hey, it works, and it may help someone else out. Here we go... First lets start with the MXML: Here I have a Panel with a LineChart and a Legend inside it, as well as 3 Toggle Buttons. You will notice that there are no series inside the LineChart. <mx:Panel title="LineChart Example" height="500" width="100%" layout="vertical"> <mx:HBox id="choices" horizontalGap="0"> <mx:Button id="Profit" label="Profit" toggle="true" click="

Publishing source code in Blogger

Wow it worked! Sucks I still have to escape all my > and < s but way better than what I was doing before (manual formatting). So this took me a while to figure out... maybe I can do a step-by-step to help someone else out there out... there are a lot of pages on how to do this, I needed to combine them to make it work. K... so... inside your blogger Dashboard go Layout - Edit HTML . Paste this just before the </head> tag: <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/> Then paste this just before the </body> tag <script language='javascript' src=''/> <script language='javascript' src=''/> <script language='javascript' src='http://syntaxhighlighte

Publish Source code in Blogger??

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Flex Advanced Data Grid helpful link I keep going back here for info... so I am guessing I should make a note of it.