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Throwback Design

So right now the design trends are very simplistic, lots of white space, big buttons, flat colors. Think minimalist. Think flat. Does this remind anyone else of the 90s? I am sure I've been at this too long, and I guess my age is now showing. Everything often comes full circle, and design (in any form) is no exception... look at fashion design, it's like someone went through my elementary school clothing and tried to make it seem new again. Of course there are new things thrown in there. Infinite scrolling is really hitting the main stream, as is parallax scrolling (I TOTALLY was designing a website for my singer friend years ago with this concept in mind... I never did finish the site tho - I should really go back and look at that some day. Maybe I was a bit ahead of the game there... of course it was built in Flex, a dying technology.) Why these trends? Why this movement? In a word, mobile. I don't think it's any secret or any great epiphany that mobile is ste