Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adobe Contribute and CSS layouts

One of the charity sites that I designed and built (using divs with CSS layout) want to use Adobe Contribute to manage the site, since they have high volunteer turnover, and it's too much to try to train each one in HTML. Makes total sense right?

So the manager tells me that the menu (which is a absolute positioned div with the highest z-index) is covering up the editable content region.

I've never used Contribute myself, so I downloaded the trial so I could see what she was talking about.

Now in my head I'm thinking, well the menu isn't editable so it shouldn't be showing up in Contribute edit mode at all... but it does... and it does indeed overlap the editable region, which makes it pretty damn difficult to edit! Completely annoying.

But wait... there is more frustration to come.

I start googling, and at first I can't find anything! Eventually I start finding questions on forums like mine, but unfortunitely no one has answered them.

I finally found an ok solution. Hide the CSS in edit/design mode. You can do this through Dreamweaver. The catch? You have to do this step to every html file you have that you want to be able to edit with Contribute.

  1. Open your site in Dreamweaver.

  2. Open one of the html files you want to be able to edit in Contribute.

  3. In the CSS panel menu choose "Design-time..."

  4. Add your stylesheet to the "Hide at Design Time" box.

  5. Save your html file (you'll have to do a small edit like add a space or something to enable save)

In Dreamweaver you can hide the AP "layer", if only it were that easy with Contribute.

If it just looks totally awful, you can create a CSS file that you only show at design time. Just follow the steps above, but add it to the show only at design time box.

If anyone has found a better solution I'd love to know! Please comment here.

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