Monday, August 24, 2009

Flex Image Map

I thought since I mentioned it way back when in a tweet, I should post the code for my selectable map component.

I thought this was going to be super tough, but once I found the ImageMap component in flexlib it wasn't bad at all.

Here is the example with view source enabled.

This example also shows how to create a custom event, which I also mentioned in a previous post.


Gopi said...

Hi Angela,

Iam krishna. I have a doubt regarding the image mapping to an cylinder shape mug or a cup?

How to map an image to a cup [ the cup is also an image ] . so i need to embed an image on to a cup. So do you have any links to work on this.

Please help me .

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Great Tip Off for me. It Helped Thanx

Sarath Mohan K S said...

Thanks Angela

THis is great. Can you tell me how you got the cords easily mapped