Friday, May 7, 2010

East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Yesterday I put up the newly redesigned and rebuilt East Coast German Shepherd Rescue website.

We adopted our German Shepherd, Keely, from this rescue. Since then I have chatted off and on with the founder of the rescue, and have gained the up-most respect for her and what she does. I wanted to help, but wasn't sure how. One day she mentioned how difficult it has been to get updates to her website, and new dogs that come into her care can't get adopted if no one knows about them.

And so I began a mission to design a better website.

How it is currently is only the first round. I need to learn more about PHP and different content management systems. The ultimate goal is to enable her the ability to update the website easily herself. I also have several ideas to make the site better, more interesting, and to get more funding.

Here's a link to the site (iteration 1)


Anonymous said...

The new Website is horrible. It's so hard to read, the words are piled on top on one another and the pictures of the dogs are small, hard to see and read and I think the first one she had was mucho better.

Please improve your work. The little section in the middle to scroll down and look at the dogs is stupid. Doesn't make you want to look at them too much. The dogs should be the main focus.

Ang said...

umm... thanks "Anonymous" for the somewhat constructive criticism. I don't mind that, I don't really appreciate the "it looks stupid" comment, not really constructive as just mean.

I am thinking that your browser may not be updated, since the words are all on top of one another, your browser must not be reading the CSS properly. I'm not sure how you know what she had before... but the pictures were much worse, they were distorted because they were forced height and width.

The main thing here, is this is the design the client choose (I gave her several options) and she really loves the new website. That's always my main objective, to make the client happy.