Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spark ComboBox vs DropDownList

I discovered yesterday that with the new Spark components there was no "editable" property on the ComboBox component.

I realized that the Spark ComboBox is always editable by default, and with no way to turn that off I was confused. Did a little research and found that to have what would have been ComboBox editable="false" in Halo is now simply DropDownList. Two different components.

I think it makes sense to have these separate.


Infiniteunity3D said...

What? Wait? I did not just lose 30 minutes of my life pondering that. Sad!

VinuOommen said...

good posting
keep in touch

Darshan Gopinath said...

Absolute bummer!! Why the heck do these guys make simple and beautiful things look ugly and complicated?!! Another example.... I tried using the spark "line" for drawing a seemingly simple line!!!... guys use a rect with a fill color instead and reduce its height... trust me!! cheers!! ;)

Gk said...

We can make editable false in spark combobox like this
combobox.textInput.editable = false;

Kamatchi G