Monday, February 9, 2009

Flex Advanced Data Grid - header properties to know

I'm working with another advanced data grid. The grid has a lot of columns and fitting it on one screen without a horizontal scroll is proving challenging. Here are a couple properties regarding headers that I found helpful:

sortExpertMode - Setting this property to true removes that little vertical bar next to your header text. That frees up some horizontal space.

headerWordWrap - Setting this property to true allows multi-line headers. You will need to set the Column width to force the text to wrap, and you'll probably need to set the header height since the default isn't tall enough to fit two lines of text.

folderClosedIcon & folderOpenIcon - Setting these properties to {null} will remove the little folder icon next to the grouped item. You can also use these properties to show a custom icon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot dude, I figured out that headerTextWrap doesn't work until & unless u set the column width specifically, but can't understand why? and if we have to set width property of all columns, that is pain.