Thursday, February 5, 2009

No more ImageReady

Does anyone else find it annoying that ImageReady was discontinued? Right now I am trying to edit an animated gif, which I would always do in ImageReady, but now that it's not there I'm not sure what to do. When I open an animated gif file Photoshop looses all the data so you can only see the first frame (even tho the animation timeline feature was added to Photoshop CS3??? Can I say... WTF?) The solution they're purposing is to open the gif in Fireworks. Oh, that's great... if you HAVE Fireworks. I have the Adobe Design Premium package - and that doesn't include Fireworks. UGH. I can open it in Flash, but the editing tools in Flash suck. Man oh man... sorry for the vent!


My solution for this is as follows:

Open the animated gif in Flash. Then export the movie as MOV file. Open Photoshop CS3. Choose File - Import - Video Frames to Layers...

Window - Animation will show you the animation time line frames thingy.

Again, does anyone else find it ridiculous that a program that can create animated gifs can't open them??? Also sorry that my solution requires Flash.

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