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Flex Legend Button: Solved!

Thanks to Marcus and his amazing code I can share with you a soultion for my legend button problem . This is more than I asked for. Make sure if you use this, you credit and thank Marcus for his amazing work! Sample with view source enabled

Flex DataGrid sorts

Sometimes your data is in a specific order, but not ordered on anything you can really sort by via a data grid. So sometimes you apply a sort with the data grid (or advanced data grid), which is great and everything, but what do you do when you want to reset the data back to the original order? this.mydatagrid.dataProvider.sort = null; this.mydatagrid.dataProvider.refresh(); Done!

Flex Image Map

I thought since I mentioned it way back when in a tweet, I should post the code for my selectable map component. I thought this was going to be super tough, but once I found the ImageMap component in flexlib it wasn't bad at all. Here is the example with view source enabled. This example also shows how to create a custom event, which I also mentioned in a previous post .

Flex adding an event to call to the parent

So I always have this problem where I'll have a component inside a component, and the parent component needs to do something based on some sort of trigger from the inside component. Using Parent or Application is a big no no, or so my Architect friend tells me ;). They way to do this is create an Event on the inside component. This is pretty easy to do, but I always seem to miss a step and get all frustrated and not understand why it's not working. And in these hot lazy days of summer, it's really not a good motivator. :D So here are the steps so I can look this up if I forget. I am just going to use a button click as an example, if you need something more intense you'll need to make a custom event. So... ComponentB is inside ComponentA. In the actionscript of ComponentB do: Just below the imports - [Event (name="myEvent", type="")] Create a function that dispatches that event: protected function myFunction():void { dispatc