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Default Flex DateChooser to tomorrow

I have a DateChooser control and I was trying to default it to have tomorrow's date selected. This is actually really easy to do, but it took me a fair amount of time to figure it out, so I thought I'd post this just in case anyone else has some trouble. Create a variable for today's date: [Bindable] private var today:Date = new Date(); Then set the selected date of the DateChooser. You may also want to set showToday to false so that today's date isn't highlighted. <mx:DateChooser selectedDate="{new Date(today.fullYear,today.month,}" showToday="false"/> The selectedDate property only understands straight dates with no time, which is why I had to assign it this way. If you're at the end of the month/year Flex is smart enough to know that date + 1 should take you to the next month/year. Here is a sample with view source enabled.

Word wrap in AdvancedDataGrid

So getting a column field to wrap in an AdvancedDataGrid isn't as easy as just setting the "wordWrap" property to true. Maybe it should be, but it isn't. First thing's first. Do you have an itemRenderer on the column you're trying to wrap. If the answer is yes you have to make sure that itemRenderer is based on a wrappable component. For argument's sake, lets say you have a Label itemRenderer, well you're going to have to change that to be based on Text, and you're going to have to give it a width to give it the capability to wrap (percentWidth = 100 works nicely). Then set your wrap-able column to wordWrap = true . Finally set your AdvancedDataGrid to have property variableRowHeight = true . Here is a link to an example with the view source enabled.

My first experience doing contextual research

For some back story – I’ve been on this project for 2 years now. I’ve helped design and build two dashboards and have never had the opportunity to meet or talk with a user until now and I am no expert in the client's line of business. I met with 7 users from 3 different user groups; 1 group per day; 30-45 minutes with each user, followed by an hour group session discussing the observations. A lot of them have similar issues. Issues within groups of users seem to be pretty much the same. I found myself getting frustrated and having to consciously calm myself down while meeting with the users. Seeing the roundabout way some of them had to work just to use the system drove me crazy. If I had only been involved from the beginning in this capacity, and with the requirements gathering for each release, these poor users wouldn't have to deal with a system that really doesn't meet their needs. But hey, better late than never I suppose. That is the story of my life... the story o

Spark Icon button

So the Spark button doesn't have the icon property... which to be honest annoys me a little, but I do understand that they want the skin to be separate from the code. Anyway, I made an icon button based on some other examples I've looked over. To see the working example with view source enabled click here .

Spark ComboBox vs DropDownList

I discovered yesterday that with the new Spark components there was no "editable" property on the ComboBox component. I realized that the Spark ComboBox is always editable by default, and with no way to turn that off I was confused. Did a little research and found that to have what would have been ComboBox editable="false" in Halo is now simply DropDownList. Two different components. I think it makes sense to have these separate.

Spark image button

So skinning spark buttons with images isn't the same as skinning halo (mx) buttons with images. It's a 3 part process. package components { import spark.components.Button; [Style(name="imageSkin",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinDisabled",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinDown",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinOver",type="*")] public class ImageButton extends Button { public function ImageButton() { super(); } } } Script block [Embed('assets/images/btnGoUp.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGo:Class; [Embed('assets/images/btnGoOver.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGoOver:Class; [Embed('assets/images/btnGoDisabled.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGoDisabled:Class; MXML block <components:ImageButton buttonMode="true" imageSkin="{btnGo}" imageSkinDisabled="{btnGoDisabled}" imageSkinD

What is a UX specialist?

A UX specialist is the best thing your company never knew it needed. Remember the day you got your first microwave? Your first cell phone? Your first smart phone? Your first DVR? Remember life before these devices? Can you imagine going back to that? What these devices do for your life, is what a UX specialist can do for your development company. A UX specialist can make things run more smoothly. A UX specialist will always make a product better, and will make a client happier. They may need some time up front, kind of like how you need to spend time learning and setting up your smart phone when you first get it, but more often than not, the total time spent on the project will be less because all those bumps and kinks get sorted out right up front. Because of this, a UX specialist will make your other team members happier because their job will be easier and there will be less rework. If you're running your TV without a DVR, you're missing out. If your development company

iPhone & iPad design PS goodies

I have to very quickly come up with a design for an existing application for the iPad and the iPhone. No real time to learn some cool new tools (unfortunately). I am most comfortable in Photoshop so that's what I went hunting for for tools... These are just awesome and so helpful... iPhone: iPad:

Flex 3 & Flex 4 Frankenstein

So we have a large dashboard application built in Flex 3.5 SDK. Anyway, making it work with the Flex 4 SDK was annoying and took nearly a week. So the client doesn't want to give me the time to rewrite the UI in the new spark stuff BUT instead slowly convert it over time. So I started to try that... doesn't seem possible. Spark components don't work with the "Use Flex 3 compatibility mode" box checked. When I uncheck that box my whole project blows up and looks totally messed up. So my ultimate conclusion is that a Flex 3 Flex 4 Frankenstein is not really possible.

Flex 4 SDK - backwards compatible?

So for the last few weeks I have been trying to get our current Flex 3.5 SDK to the new Flex 4 SDK. Wow. Backwards compatible? Not really. After much annoyance and code changes, I finally got it working and running without run time errors. Now there are lots of things wrong visually mostly with the fonts. What I am discovering is that the CSS inheritance seems to be lost. For example, if I have a VBox that has its color style set to white, its children are not white. Not sure what is up with that. So in my Application style tag I had the font family set... but it's not picking up on all the components inside the application, which means there are lots of problems with labels being too large and not fitting properly. So now I am messing with the CSS files and the component files. So far my take on the backwards compatibility? It's barely there. I mean everything functions okay (once you get all the initial errors and warnings cleaned up) but there is going to be a lot of wo

Looking for a website?

I'm looking for some freelance work if anyone knows of someone needing a website. I'm done my latest side project and usually like to have one on the go at a time. You can see samples of my work here:

East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Yesterday I put up the newly redesigned and rebuilt East Coast German Shepherd Rescue website. We adopted our German Shepherd, Keely, from this rescue. Since then I have chatted off and on with the founder of the rescue, and have gained the up-most respect for her and what she does. I wanted to help, but wasn't sure how. One day she mentioned how difficult it has been to get updates to her website, and new dogs that come into her care can't get adopted if no one knows about them. And so I began a mission to design a better website. How it is currently is only the first round. I need to learn more about PHP and different content management systems. The ultimate goal is to enable her the ability to update the website easily herself. I also have several ideas to make the site better, more interesting, and to get more funding. Here's a link to the site (iteration 1)

Learning Flex 4

I am watching a few videos on Flash Builder 4 (or Flex 4) from Adobe's site. This is my first taste of the Spark components, and let me tell you, they are so much better and easier to customize. They haven't transfered all the components over to spark yet, so we'll still have to use some MX components, but they have done a lot of them already, and are continuing to work to get them all converted. I haven't tried to actually do any real work with this yet, but so far it has my vote.

VSS plugin for Flash Builder 4

So the new "Flex Builder", now called Flash Builder, is out. I have recently installed it... all was fine until I tried to use the VSS plugin. It wasn't being recgonized. Now I know you need the Java Development Tools plugin for it to work... but I couldn't find that either. They really changed the whole install new features thing in Flash Builder 4. So I hunted on Google for a while and found my solution, install it manually: Thanks Renaun!!

PHP photo viewer script

Very cool and very simple PHP/Javascript photo viewer script. Perfect for handing off to a client that doesn't know how to code html but that is computer savvy enough to drop images in a ftp directory.


So I never really truly appreciated Dreamweaver until recently. I had never really used the ftp function of Dreamweaver (insane I know). I'd use it to write html and css code, then I'd just put the updated files on the server using a generic ftp client. Now that I am maintaining several sites that got tiring, so I looked into and started using the built in Dreamweaver ftp functionality. What a difference! Just a right click away from putting changes up on the server. It's quite wonderful actually. I always knew it existed, I just never bothered to use it. Just goes to show... just because you do things a certain way and it works fine, doesn't mean it's not worth learning a new way.

Simplistic web design

So I am kind of digging this whole move toward more simplistic, minimalistic web (and other app) design. I like the feel of space. I like that there isn't lots of distracting chrome and boarders. It's all about the content, it's all about getting what you were trying to get done, and that's the whole point isn't it? Now don't get me wrong, I love color and added interest. - I am a bit of a color nut to be honest. Whenever I check out (aka my most favorite place to get a new color scheme) I always pick the tetrad first. - I just think there are better ways of adding those things than a lot of what we have been doing. Clean and simple. That's the new way to go.

Publishing this blog on another website

So I am working on a new portfolio site and I wanted this blog to be featured on that site. I didn't want to show a link or just a feed digest, I wanted the entries in FULL shown on the website. Well... little did I know it was so easy. I spent hours looking for a solution that was built right into something I already subscribed to! Feedburner that is. I found the info I was looking for here: You can subscribe to Feedburner very easily if you already have a Google account. Then you can burn the feed by just putting in your feed address. Then click the Publicize tab. Click BuzzBoost. Fill out the form and choose FULL HTML. Once you're done it will give you a script to put into your website. So easy and so very awesome. You can also style it to look however you like using CSS. Perfect.

Using Flex's default cursors

So I made my own component, and I wanted the default move cursor that Flex has built in to appear on the mouse over of my component. I thought this would be an easy task - oh how wrong I was. An hour of researching later I was no further ahead, besides discovering that mx.skins.cursor.moveCursor was in fact a style and the image was in Assets.css (from this helpful webpage here: ). It occurred to me that I know how to get a value out of a CSS file , and therein lied the solution. [Bindable] public var myCursor:Class; //Called on creation complete public function complete():void { myCursor = mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('DragManager').getStyle('moveCursor'); } //Called on mouseover of the component protected function mouseOverWindow(evt:MouseEvent):void { CursorManager.setCursor(myCursor); } //Called on mouseout of the component protected function mouseOutWindow(evt:Mouse

Getting a value out of CSS file

I keep forgetting how to do this: mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.styleclassname').getStyle('style') This gets a value out of the CSS. So for example if you had a .lineStroke style with a style property of color and you wanted to use that for a stroke declared in MXML you could do this: <mx:Stroke id="myStroke" weight="1" color="{mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.lineStroke').getStyle('color')}"/>