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Flex 3 & Flex 4 Frankenstein

So we have a large dashboard application built in Flex 3.5 SDK. Anyway, making it work with the Flex 4 SDK was annoying and took nearly a week. So the client doesn't want to give me the time to rewrite the UI in the new spark stuff BUT instead slowly convert it over time. So I started to try that... doesn't seem possible. Spark components don't work with the "Use Flex 3 compatibility mode" box checked. When I uncheck that box my whole project blows up and looks totally messed up. So my ultimate conclusion is that a Flex 3 Flex 4 Frankenstein is not really possible.

Flex 4 SDK - backwards compatible?

So for the last few weeks I have been trying to get our current Flex 3.5 SDK to the new Flex 4 SDK. Wow. Backwards compatible? Not really. After much annoyance and code changes, I finally got it working and running without run time errors. Now there are lots of things wrong visually mostly with the fonts. What I am discovering is that the CSS inheritance seems to be lost. For example, if I have a VBox that has its color style set to white, its children are not white. Not sure what is up with that. So in my Application style tag I had the font family set... but it's not picking up on all the components inside the application, which means there are lots of problems with labels being too large and not fitting properly. So now I am messing with the CSS files and the component files. So far my take on the backwards compatibility? It's barely there. I mean everything functions okay (once you get all the initial errors and warnings cleaned up) but there is going to be a lot of wo

Looking for a website?

I'm looking for some freelance work if anyone knows of someone needing a website. I'm done my latest side project and usually like to have one on the go at a time. You can see samples of my work here:

East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Yesterday I put up the newly redesigned and rebuilt East Coast German Shepherd Rescue website. We adopted our German Shepherd, Keely, from this rescue. Since then I have chatted off and on with the founder of the rescue, and have gained the up-most respect for her and what she does. I wanted to help, but wasn't sure how. One day she mentioned how difficult it has been to get updates to her website, and new dogs that come into her care can't get adopted if no one knows about them. And so I began a mission to design a better website. How it is currently is only the first round. I need to learn more about PHP and different content management systems. The ultimate goal is to enable her the ability to update the website easily herself. I also have several ideas to make the site better, more interesting, and to get more funding. Here's a link to the site (iteration 1)

Learning Flex 4

I am watching a few videos on Flash Builder 4 (or Flex 4) from Adobe's site. This is my first taste of the Spark components, and let me tell you, they are so much better and easier to customize. They haven't transfered all the components over to spark yet, so we'll still have to use some MX components, but they have done a lot of them already, and are continuing to work to get them all converted. I haven't tried to actually do any real work with this yet, but so far it has my vote.

VSS plugin for Flash Builder 4

So the new "Flex Builder", now called Flash Builder, is out. I have recently installed it... all was fine until I tried to use the VSS plugin. It wasn't being recgonized. Now I know you need the Java Development Tools plugin for it to work... but I couldn't find that either. They really changed the whole install new features thing in Flash Builder 4. So I hunted on Google for a while and found my solution, install it manually: Thanks Renaun!!