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Spark Icon button

So the Spark button doesn't have the icon property... which to be honest annoys me a little, but I do understand that they want the skin to be separate from the code. Anyway, I made an icon button based on some other examples I've looked over. To see the working example with view source enabled click here .

Spark ComboBox vs DropDownList

I discovered yesterday that with the new Spark components there was no "editable" property on the ComboBox component. I realized that the Spark ComboBox is always editable by default, and with no way to turn that off I was confused. Did a little research and found that to have what would have been ComboBox editable="false" in Halo is now simply DropDownList. Two different components. I think it makes sense to have these separate.

Spark image button

So skinning spark buttons with images isn't the same as skinning halo (mx) buttons with images. It's a 3 part process. package components { import spark.components.Button; [Style(name="imageSkin",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinDisabled",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinDown",type="*")] [Style(name="imageSkinOver",type="*")] public class ImageButton extends Button { public function ImageButton() { super(); } } } Script block [Embed('assets/images/btnGoUp.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGo:Class; [Embed('assets/images/btnGoOver.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGoOver:Class; [Embed('assets/images/btnGoDisabled.png')] [Bindable] public var btnGoDisabled:Class; MXML block <components:ImageButton buttonMode="true" imageSkin="{btnGo}" imageSkinDisabled="{btnGoDisabled}" imageSkinD

What is a UX specialist?

A UX specialist is the best thing your company never knew it needed. Remember the day you got your first microwave? Your first cell phone? Your first smart phone? Your first DVR? Remember life before these devices? Can you imagine going back to that? What these devices do for your life, is what a UX specialist can do for your development company. A UX specialist can make things run more smoothly. A UX specialist will always make a product better, and will make a client happier. They may need some time up front, kind of like how you need to spend time learning and setting up your smart phone when you first get it, but more often than not, the total time spent on the project will be less because all those bumps and kinks get sorted out right up front. Because of this, a UX specialist will make your other team members happier because their job will be easier and there will be less rework. If you're running your TV without a DVR, you're missing out. If your development company

iPhone & iPad design PS goodies

I have to very quickly come up with a design for an existing application for the iPad and the iPhone. No real time to learn some cool new tools (unfortunately). I am most comfortable in Photoshop so that's what I went hunting for for tools... These are just awesome and so helpful... iPhone: iPad: