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Using Flex's default cursors

So I made my own component, and I wanted the default move cursor that Flex has built in to appear on the mouse over of my component. I thought this would be an easy task - oh how wrong I was. An hour of researching later I was no further ahead, besides discovering that mx.skins.cursor.moveCursor was in fact a style and the image was in Assets.css (from this helpful webpage here: ). It occurred to me that I know how to get a value out of a CSS file , and therein lied the solution. [Bindable] public var myCursor:Class; //Called on creation complete public function complete():void { myCursor = mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('DragManager').getStyle('moveCursor'); } //Called on mouseover of the component protected function mouseOverWindow(evt:MouseEvent):void { CursorManager.setCursor(myCursor); } //Called on mouseout of the component protected function mouseOutWindow(evt:Mouse

Getting a value out of CSS file

I keep forgetting how to do this: mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.styleclassname').getStyle('style') This gets a value out of the CSS. So for example if you had a .lineStroke style with a style property of color and you wanted to use that for a stroke declared in MXML you could do this: <mx:Stroke id="myStroke" weight="1" color="{mx.styles.StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.lineStroke').getStyle('color')}"/>