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PHP photo viewer script

Very cool and very simple PHP/Javascript photo viewer script. Perfect for handing off to a client that doesn't know how to code html but that is computer savvy enough to drop images in a ftp directory.


So I never really truly appreciated Dreamweaver until recently. I had never really used the ftp function of Dreamweaver (insane I know). I'd use it to write html and css code, then I'd just put the updated files on the server using a generic ftp client. Now that I am maintaining several sites that got tiring, so I looked into and started using the built in Dreamweaver ftp functionality. What a difference! Just a right click away from putting changes up on the server. It's quite wonderful actually. I always knew it existed, I just never bothered to use it. Just goes to show... just because you do things a certain way and it works fine, doesn't mean it's not worth learning a new way.

Simplistic web design

So I am kind of digging this whole move toward more simplistic, minimalistic web (and other app) design. I like the feel of space. I like that there isn't lots of distracting chrome and boarders. It's all about the content, it's all about getting what you were trying to get done, and that's the whole point isn't it? Now don't get me wrong, I love color and added interest. - I am a bit of a color nut to be honest. Whenever I check out (aka my most favorite place to get a new color scheme) I always pick the tetrad first. - I just think there are better ways of adding those things than a lot of what we have been doing. Clean and simple. That's the new way to go.