Illustrator Align to Artboard

Don't ask me why, but me and the Illustrator Artboard have never truly gotten along.

I had a logo file that I wanted to export as a JPG on a perfectly square background so that it looked good on the client's Twitter and Facebook page. I knew how to get the artboard to be a square but I did not know how to center the logo on the artboard.

A little research with Google found me the answer. (

First to get the artboard square; File - Document Setup..., hit the "Edit Artboards" button. In the options just under the file menu there is W and H (width and height), choose the same number for both, hit Enter, voila!

Next, getting the logo centered on the artboard.

First I grouped all the objects in the logo (select all objects, right click, group).

Then I opened the Align panel (Window - Align).

On the Align panel I clicked the "Align To" arrow in the bottom right and chose "Align to Artboard".

I selected my grouped object then hit the middle and center align buttons on the Align panel.



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