InDesign default units

I always found it annoying that when first creating a document InDesign it defaults the size in Picas. Call me unworthy, but I don't work in Picas, I work in Inches (yes I am Canadian, whatever metric system). So every time I would create a document I would go to Edit - Preferences - Units & Increments and change the Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Units to Inches. One day it occurred to me, shouldn't there be a way to set this once and have it the default so that I don't have to do this EVERY DAMN TIME? (Why it took me so long to think of this, I don't know. Don't judge.)

After just clicking around InDesign for a couple minutes I found no immediate way to do this, so I turned to my old friend Google.

At the end of this article ( I discovered that there is a very simple way to do this, it`s just not all that intuitive.

Open up InDesign but do NOT open or create a document. With no documents open go to Edit - Preferences - Units & Increments...

Change the Ruler Units to your preferences and click OK.

It`s so simple! I wish I did this so long ago...


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